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Domingo and Mikhail Baryshnikov, among others, had cover stories in Newsweek.''Edgar had a strongly intuitive feeling for his artists,'' Mr. Personally, though, ''he always liked to stay behind the scenes,'' he added." Edgar Vincent, a veteran press representative for a starry roster of opera singers dating to Ezio Pinza, notably as the publicity agent and a close adviser to Pl?

Nasir Aminuddin Dagar was the younger of the famed Senior Dagar Brothers.

The New York–based duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall—smirky DJ-producers who broke less than three years ago with the crass, sexist novelty hit “#Selfie” and subsequently made asses of themselves on —are now not only one of top 40 radio’s most consistent purveyors of mass-appeal melodic pop, they have recast themselves as credibly emo electro-bros.

(One of “Closer’s” verses cites actual emo-punk band Blink-182.) Either these dudes have uncovered hidden depths as songwriters just this year, or they are gaslighting us with a simulacrum of human feeling. Assisting the dudes in their emotional rescue is featured singer Halsey, who duets on the track with Taggart, the Chainsmokers’ primary songwriter.

For the first 10 seconds, the song sounds like it’s building to something monumental: thundering piano chords, sweeping synth washes, and a swelling echo like you’re down in a vast ravine. In a near-murmur, the singer offers confessional lyrics in therapy-speak: “I was doing just fine before I met you/ I drink too much, and that’s an issue/ But I’m OK.” There is no “drop”—the thunderous climax of club-rattling electronic dance music—and there never will be one. It’s reminiscent of the Chainsmokers’ entire career to date, which reads as one long con.

It all switches off like a lamp—a finger-snap and a meek “Hey,” as the melody downshifts to two-finger keyboard notes.

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