Intimidating sounding last names

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The name Vasily in Greek means “royal.” It is possible that the “royal” origin of the name is the reason that the family name Vasiliev is most common in large cities of Russia.Let’s face it, not all pups have a warm and fluffy personality.If name doesn't fit, you're starting at a disadvantage with the audience. (Though it was bound to seep in subconsciously, we tried our best to divorce the rankings from specific character traits and the quality or nostalgia factor of the movies involved.Action movies know this well — no genre is more aware of the importance of connotation than the action genre. (In our estimation "John" and "Ellen" are a wash.)3. Otherwise John Mc Clane would win in a landslide.) Basically the rankings come down to this question: If you were given a card with two of these names on it and told you were going to have to fight one of them to the death, which would you pick?

But that begs the question: Which or favorite our gun-toting, butt-kicking, witty-one-liner-giving heroes has the MOST badass name?

Note that depending on the Japanese characters used these names can have many other meanings besides those listed here.

There are several lists of the most common last names.

The last name Kuznetsov is most common among Russian family names in the region from Upper Oka to Middle Volga.

In English, there is also a similar last name – Smith. Popov The last name Popovpoints directly to the occupation of the father – pope (priest).

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