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While naming your dog seems like it would be quite simple, most owners actually have a hard time with it.

In fact many people end up naming their dog several times before deciding on one final name.

aggressive name by reputation, aggressive breed by reputation thanks to all the lame f%*k heads out there who breeds these dogs to be fighters.

Giving your pet an exotic name would be a very good idea.It resulted in quite a few scratches, but over time, Jason calmed down and went from violent to just crotchety.Follow Danielle on Twitter and Facebook and Pinterest (where she maintains an ‘ Adorable Pups’ board), or find her at her blog, Some Puppy To Love.Veterinary Pet Insurance recently surveyed their clientele and came up with the 15 most scary pet names, and we’ve come up with some dead ringers for the horrifying but beloved characters, with quotes, of course!Read on…and check out these heart-throbbing, spine-tingling cats and dogs!

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