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But I still really miss Callie and Marie :,) I know their in story mode but still??? He's kinda based on my ham ham I hate how much thinking I'm putting into this omg YES THE HAMSTERS TURN INTO ANIME CHARACTERS ITS ... Oh and also I started on the sketches for the requests I got 5 ever ago ! Also I was really unsatisfied with how the head turned out at first so...Except that I just looked up “jet lag” on Wikipedia and it said that scientists have helped hamsters recover from jet-lag by giving them viagra.Which means that at one point there were a bunch of people flying hamsters with tiny erections to exotic locations not even allowed to bring my diet coke through security. I can afford the upgrade so no worries, but if you want to help me pay for the bigger server you can buy something at my horrifically inappropriate store. Nascido no belíssimo ano de 1978, cursou enologia na Univ.De Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (Vila Real) e estagiou em várias casas de renome (Gaivosa, Osborne e Muros de Melgaço).

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