Epg not updating

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I am writing this tutorial to help those, who like myself, banged their head against a wall trying to get EPG data for OTA digital broadcasts. I am putting all the steps together in this step by step guide.

Now for me, the DVB/ATSC EPG did work but only contained 2 days at most for some channels and less than a day for others. Everywhere I looked said the easier solution was to just go to Schedules Direct. Do yourself a favor and completely read through this once before actually going through the process.

Guide successfully updated manually at Eastern this morning (now twelve days of program information available) - it had one day left on the existing one.

Hi, We are using Windows 7 Media Center with an Infini TV 4 PCIe tuner.For almost two weeks now, the electronic program guide has failed to update properly, and I'm hoping that somebody here can help.The only channels that have current EPG data are the high-definition local channels: we have nothing for regular cable channels (AMC, History, etc.) or for the standard-def local channels.I've tried manually updating the guide from within WMC; from the Notification Area icon; by clicking directly on MCUPDATE.EXE in Windows Explorer; by creating a desktop icon and then clicking on it (with and without administrator rights); and even by going into the Task Scheduler and running it from there.

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