Dating wfl drums

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We can pretty acurately date Ludwig drums and Ludwig serial numbers are a big help, but not an exact science.

Other special features like badges, shell plys and the interior finish all help in giving you a date range of your drums manufacture.

This was a solid metal lug and was offered in two sizes.

The smaller version was used on snare drums and small tom toms, while the larger lug was used for bass drums and larger diameter tom toms.

There is a certain passion and joy that goes into documenting, or identifying a vintage drum, especially one manufactured by Ludwig.

It tells a story, not only in what it is, but where it's been; the roads traveled, its relevance to drum manufacturing, and its influence on music.

A future significance in chronologically cataloging a product produced by Ludwig wasn't foreseen.

Luckily, there have been devotees that have developed a refined system to dating and cataloging drums produced by Ludwig.

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Thanks for stopping by and take a look at our special e Bay searches on our Ludwig Shopping Page.This was a transition badge and you will see it with and without a serial number it is prior to and during the move to Monroe.This badge was covered by the hoop and normally is not cut on the top. Please email us with any questions and let us know how we can help you and if you want an imediate answer then visit the Vintage Drum Forum and post a photo.This web site is not affiliated with the Ludwig Drum Company.

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