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If the code does not fit the above criteria, don’t force it and skew your dating results.I've read about lots of people changing out the cap values on their tone pots for different pickups, with lower values allowing more treble into the signal.Stamped on every potentiometer (volume and tone pots) is a six- or seven-digit source code that tells who made the pot, as well as the week and the year.The source dating code is an element of standardization that is administered by the Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA). For a brief history of how fuzz came to be, check out my previous article on the History of Pedals There are two basic types of fuzz: silicon and germanium, which refer to the type of transistor used in the circuit. Some types do this a little nicer than others, some have no mercy; at the end of the day a fuzz pedal simply destroys your signal in the same musical tradition that started the 60’s revolution of love and setting your guitar on fire. In the simplest terms possible, fuzz is simply what your guitar signal sounds like as it is being literally destroyed.

A great, high gain transparent sounding distortion. Came to this project after building one from another site that I couldn't get to work. PCB easy to make - I used permanent marker pen - and layout of components logical and simple. I used a Tl071 (mosfet in input and output stage) op-amp, Drive pot was a 470K the resistor before the pot was 1K (give more Saturation!!I changed a couple of mods which improved the pedal over all and these are not over kill like some mods I've seen. I like it that way but the Distortion plus is a bright distortion pedal and It cuts a lot of bass.Analog Man Guitar Effects These pedals have been turning up on ebay for the last few years. Someone bought up a ton of random old MXR parts, and many semi-completed pedals (I guess) and made "NOS" MXR pedals out of them.The codes were created by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) in 1920s to identify the product source and date of manufacture.The first string of numbers is usually the part number, or sometimes the pot value.

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