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Most National Guard flight medics are paramedics in their civilian life, so they have more extensive training as well as daily contact with trauma victims.

Even civilian paramedics, however, need additional training to handle military war casualties.

After WWII small civilian seaplanes performed these missions in the western and northern parts of Norway,later helicopters were also used.

The Norwegian Air Force performed air ambulance missions with their Catalina-aircrafts, some of these missions were far offshore.

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Airlines won contracts with The National Insurance Administration to provide dedicated emergency care with specially equipped ambulance airplanes and helicopters (Statens Luftambulanse).

The first known transport was performed in 1932 with Viggo Widerøe as pilot.

When the airline Widerøe was established in 1934 one of their purposes was to perform air ambulance transports.

The transportation of patients with air ambulance has been carried out since about 1930 in Norway.

In 1924, the Red Cross launched the idea of transporting patients with airplanes.

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