Consolidating vendor numbers in sap

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So, you can navigate to your transaction and have a look what interesting you may find "next to" this. Confirmatio F.19 SAPMS38M G/L: Goods/Invoice Received Clearin F.2E SAPMS38M Reconciliation Btwn Affiliated Comp F.20 SAPMS38M A/R: Account List F.21 SAPMS38M A/R: Open Items F.22 SAPMS38M A/R: Open Item Sorted List F.23 SAPMS38M A/R: Account Balances F.24 SAPMS38M A/R: Interest for Days Overdue F.25 SAPMS38M Bill of Exchange List F.26 SAPMS38M A/R: Balance Interest Calculation F.27 SAPMS38M A/R: Periodic Account Statements F.28 SAPMS38M Customers: Reset Credit Limit F.29 SAPMFKM0 A/R: Set Up Info System 1 F.30 RFDRRANZ A/R: Evaluate Info System F.35 RFDKLI41 Credit Master Sheet F.38 RFUMSV25 Transfer Posting of Deferred Tax F.40 SAPMS38M A/P: Account List F.41 SAPMS38M A/P: Open Items F.42 SAPMS38M A/P: Account Balances F.44 SAPMS38M A/P: Balance Interest Calculation F.45 SAPMFKM0 A/P: Set Up Info System 1 F.46 RFKRRANZ A/P: Evaluate Info System F.5D SAPMS38M G/L: Update Bal. FOQ6 RFVIMAEA RE: Activate CH rent adjustment FOQ7 RFVIMARS Real estate: CH rent adj: Balancing (Int./Charge F997 RFBKCONI Early Mass Account Balancing F997S RFBKCONN Early Individual Account Balancing F999 RFBKCON3 Interest scale GAL1 RGUCALE1 Update Assignment Table EDIMAP GAL2 RGUCALE2 Generate Export/Import GAL3 RGLEXE02 Export of G/L acct transactn figure GAOV RGAOV Cycle Overview FI-SL GAR5 RGULDB00 Display Structure of Local DBs GA1D RGALLOC3 Delete allocation line items GA11 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL Actual Assessment GA11N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Actual Assessment GA12 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL Actual Assessment GA12N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Actual Assessment GA13 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL actual assessment GA13N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Actual Assessment GA14 SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL Actual Assessment GA14N SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Actual Assessment GA15 SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL actual assessment GA16 SAPMKGA1 Actual Assessment Overview GA2A SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned Assessment GA2AN SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned Assessment GA2B SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL Planned Assessment GA2C SAPMKGA1 Plan Assessment Overview GA27 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned Assessment GA27N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned Assessment GA28 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned Assessment GA28N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned Assessment GA29 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned Assessment GA29N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned Assessment GA31 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL actual distribution GA31N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Actual Distribution GA32 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL actual distribution GA32N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Actual Distribution GA33 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL actual distribution GA33N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Actual Distribution GA34 SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL actual distribution GA34N SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Actual Distribution GA35 SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL actual distribution GA36 SAPMKGA1 Actual Distribution Overview GA4A SAPMKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned Distribution GA4AN SAPLKAL1 Delete FI-SL Planned Distribution GA4B SAPMKGA2 Execute FI-SL Planned Distribution GA4C SAPMKGA1 Plan Distribution Overview GA47 SAPMKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned Distribution GA47N SAPLKAL1 Create FI-SL Planned Distribution GA48 SAPMKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned Distribution GA48N SAPLKAL1 Change FI-SL Planned Distribution GA49 SAPMKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned Distribution GA49N SAPLKAL1 Display FI-SL Planned Distribution GB01 SAPMGBUK Document Entry for Local Ledgers GB02 SAPMSNUM Number Range Local Ledger GB03 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.f. GCG5 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL Customizing: Delete Companies GCHE SAPLGINC Monitor flexible general ledger GCIN SAPLGINS Maintain FI-SL tables GCIQ SAPLGINS Quick installation FI-SL GCI1 SAPMGCU2 Installation of FI-SL Tables GCI2 SAPMGCU2 FI-SL: Installation of Object Table GCJU RGUJUMP0 Diagnosis: Direct Access to Functio GCLE RGPLEP01 Activate Local Plan Line Items GCL1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizing Ledger GCL2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing Ledger GCL3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing Ledger GCL4 SAPMGCU0 Delete FI-SL Customizing Ledger GCL6 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Copy Ledger GCM1 SAPMGUMS Conversion GCRB SAPMKKB5 Report Selection GCRE1 RGUCREP0 Activate drilldown rep.Just give it a chance :-))) The full list of transaction codes is maintained in the tables TSTC and TSTCT. Sheet Adjustment F.5E SAPMS38M G/L: Post Balance Sheet Adjustment F.5F SAPMS38M G/L: Balance Sheet Adjustment Log F.5G SAPMF00H G/L: Subseq. Er F.50 SAPF181 G/L: Profitability Segment Adjustmn F.51 SAPMS38M G/L: Open Items F.52 SAPMS38M G/L: Acct Bal. Global Ledgers GB04 SAPMSNUM Number Range Local Ledger GB05 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maint.f. data table GCEG RGCEUR50 Ingeration: Euro transaction types GCEJ RGCORG00 Suggest FI-LC package assignment GCEK RGCEUR30 Reconcil. for SL tabl GCRE2 RGUCREP1 Deactivate drilldown rep. GCR7 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Direct Access GCR8 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Direct Access GCTA SAPLGBLT Transport Rules GCTR SAPMGTRA Transport from Report Writer object GCTS SAPMGTRA Transport of sets and variables GCT0 SAPLGBLT Transport of Substitutions GCT1 SAPMGTRA Transport Ledger GCT2 SAPMGTRA FI-SL Activation GCT3 SAPMGTRA Control Information GCT4 SAPMGTRA Transport Rollup GCT5 SAPMGTRA Transport: Planning Parameters GCT6 SAPMGTRA Transport Distribution Key GCT7 SAPMGTRA Transport: Cycles GCT8 SAPMGTRA Transport: Document Types GCT9 SAPLGBLT Transport of Validations GCUP RKEPCU20 Subsequently posting CO data to FIS GCU0 MENUGCU0 Customizing FI-GLX Menu GCU1 RGUREC10 Data Transfer from FI GCU2 RGICGLU2 Generate G1U2 GCU3 RGUREC20 Transfer Data From CO GCU4 RGUREC30 Subsequent Posting of Data From MM GCU5 RKEPCU40 Subsequent Posting of Data frm Sale GCU6 RGUREC50 CO plan doc subs.F-26 SAPMF05A Incoming Payments Fast Entry F-27 SAPMF05A Enter Customer Credit Memo F-28 SAPMF05A Post Incoming Payments F-29 SAPMF05A Post Customer Down Payment F-30 SAPMF05A Post with Clearing F-31 SAPMF05A Post Outgoing Payments F-32 SAPMF05A Clear Customer F-33 SAPMF05A Post Bill of Exchange Usage F-34 SAPMF05A Post Collection F-35 SAPMF05A Post Forfaiting F-36 SAPMF05A Bill of Exchange Payment F-37 SAPMF05A Customer Down Payment Request F-38 SAPMF05A Enter Statistical Posting F-39 SAPMF05A Clear Customer Down Payment F-40 SAPMF05A Bill of Exchange Payment F-41 SAPMF05A Enter Vendor Credit Memo F-42 SAPMF05A Enter Transfer Posting F-43 SAPMF05A Enter Vendor Invoice F-44 SAPMF05A Clear Vendor F-47 SAPMF05A Down Payment Request F-48 SAPMF05A Post Vendor Down Payment F-49 SAPMF05A Customer Noted Item F-51 SAPMF05A Post with Clearing F-52 SAPMF05A Post Incoming Payments F-53 SAPMF05A Post Outgoing Payments F-54 SAPMF05A Clear Vendor Down Payment F-55 SAPMF05A Enter Statistical Posting F-56 SAPMF05A Reverse Statistical Posting F-57 SAPMF05A Vendor Noted Item F-62 SAPMSTBM Maintain Table: Exchange Rates F-63 SAPLF040 Park Vendor Invoice F-64 SAPLF040 Park Customer Invoice F-65 SAPLF040 Preliminary Posting F-66 SAPLF040 Park Vendor Credit Memo F-67 SAPLF040 Park Customer Credit Memo F-90 SAPMF05A Acquisition from purchase w. FBBCX SAPMFCX1 Post Document with Currency Exchang FBBP SAPMFKS0 Maintain Acct Determination Config. Translation GC32 SAPMF10K FI-LC: Customizing Consolidation GC33 SAPMF10T FI-LC: Financial Data Table Maint.In this SAP tutorials, you will learn how to assign business area to consolidation business area in SAP.Now your business area key displays in the top of the screen.Step 5) Now assign business area to consolidation business area by updating the consolidation business area key in the area field.In Pennsylvania, if you need help with the form or lack access to the Internet then you can contact the state's Central Vendor Management Unit (CMVU) at 1-877-435-7363 for assistance.

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consolidating vendor numbers in sap-4

Here you can see all SAP transaction codes and the called reports including a short header description. Criteria F9SD BUSVIEWS CA Control: Products F9SE BUSVIEWS CA Control: Product Group F9SF BUSVIEWS CA Control: Application Transaction F9SH BUSVIEWS CA Control: Tables F9SI BUSVIEWS PAIT Control: Field Groups F9SJ BUSVIEWS Condition Control: Field Groups F9SK BUSVIEWS Cond. Statement F982 SAPLFB8D Edit general conditions F983 SAPLFB8D Display General Conditions F984 SAPLFB8D Release General Conditions F985 SAPLFB8D Edit Interest Conditions F986 SAPLFB8D Display Interest Conditions F987 SAPLFB8D Release Interest Conditions F988 SAPLFB8D Edit Charge Conditions F989 SAPLFB8D Display Charge Conditions F99C RFBKCONM Restart Interest Acc./Def.So, you can have a look via SE16 in your own SAP system as well. Interest Calculation F.53 SAPMS38M G/L: Account Assignment Manual F.54 SAPMS38M G/L: Structured Account Balances F.56 SAPMFKM0 Delete Recurring Document F.57 SAPMFKM0 G/L: Delete Sample Documents F.61 SAPMS38M Correspondence: Print Requests F.62 SAPMS38M Correspondence: Print Int. Global Ledgers GB06 RGUSTORL Reverse Local FI-SL Actual Documnts GB11 SAPMGBUK Document Entry for Global Ledgers GB16 RGUSTORG Reverse Global FI-SL Actual Docmnts GCAC RGUCOMP4 Ledger comparison GCAE RGUCOMP4 Ledger comparison w/diff. integration CF FILCT GCEL RGCCHPEU Item substitution/Ret. (CF) GCEM RGCMBUEU Post extract in carryforward period GCEN RGCEUR02 Check whether balance carried fwd GCEP RGCEUR60 Delete period values for current yr GCEQ RGCEUR90 KONS-EURO: End Package GCEU RGEURBAL Item can be Included in Bal. GCF4 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Delete Field Assignment GCGE RGPLEP02 Activate Global Plan Line Items GCGG RGICGLU1 Generation of GLU1 GCGS RGUSLSEP Reconciliation of total line items GCG1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizing Glob. - SL tabl GCR1 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Create Field Assignment GCR2 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Change Field Assignment GCR3 SAPMGCU0 Rollup: Display Field Assignment GCR6 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL Customizing: Del. posting to FI-SL GCU9 RGUUMS03 Delete Transaction Data GCVB RGISETGL Update Type in FI-SL GCVO SAPMGCU0 Preparation for FI-SL Customizing GCVZ RGUGBT00 Rule Maintenance GCV1 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Create Activity GCV2 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing Activity GCV3 SAPMGCU0 Display FI-SL Customizing Activity GCV4 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL Customizing: Delete Activity GCW4 SAPMF10Q Sp.TA Report Header Description F.0B RFAWVZ40 G/L: Create Z2 to Z4 F.01 SAPMS38M ABAP/4 Report: Balance Sheet F.02 SAPMS38M Compact Journal F.03 SAPMS38M Reconciliation F.04 SAPMS38M G/L: Create Foreign Trade Report F.06 SAPMS38M Foreign Currency Valuation: G/L Asst F.07 SAPMS38M G/L: Balance Carryforward F.08 SAPMS38M G/L: Account Balances F.09 SAPMS38M G/L: Account List F.1A SAPF130P Customer/Vendor Statistics F.1B SAPF130Z Head Office and Branch Index F.10 SAPMS38M G/L: Chart of Accounts F.11 SAPMS38M G/L: General Ledger from Doc. Documents F.63 SAPMS38M Correspondence: Delete Requests F.64 SAPMS38M Correspondence: Maintain Requests F.70 RFWMAN00 Bill/Exchange Pmnt Request Dunning F.71 RFWEDX00 DME with Disk: B/Excha. clearing GCAG RGUGLG05 Generate FI-SL Archiving GCAN RGUDBANA Analysis of FI-SL Database Contents GCAR RGUCOMP4 Ledger Comparison Remote GCA9 RGALLOC4 Check allocation customizing GCBW1 RGUCBIW0 Generate summ.table trans. structur GCB1 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing Comp. Code GCB3 SAPMGCU0 Copy FI-SL Customizing Company Code GCB4 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Delete Company Code GCCG RGBCFL00 Generate Code for FI-SL GCDE RGUDEL00 Delete FI-SL Transaction Data GCDF SAPMGCU3 Delete FI-SL Transaction Data GCD1 SAPMGCU1 FI-SL Customizing: Diagnosis Tool GCD2 RGULIST0 List of FI-SL Direct Posting Tables GCD3 SAPMGRAP Graphical Navigation in FI-SL GCD4 RGULED00 Check General Ledger GCD5 RGUCURRC Check Currencies in FI-SL GCD6 RGUGRA03 Graphic Display of FI-SL Tables GCEE RGCEUR00 FI-LC: Reconcil. Sheet GCF1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizng Fld Assign. Purpose Ldgr Currency Translatio GCW7 SAPMGTRA Transport Currency Translation Mthd GCZ3 RGUUMS10 Generate Report Groups GC01 RGCCGS01 Call GS01 for LC GC10 RGCT880 FI-LC: Print Companies GC11 SAPMF10G Create Company Master Record GC12 SAPMF10G Change Company Master Record GC13 SAPMF10G Display Company Master Record GC14 SAPMF10G Delete Company Master Record GC16 SAPMF10S Create Subgroup Master Record GC17 SAPMF10S Change Subgroup Master Record GC18 SAPMF10S Display Subgroup GC19 RGCT852 FI-LC: Print Subgroups GC21 SAPMF10I Enter Individual Fin.Under business area, you generate financial statements of balance sheet and profit & loss account for internal reporting.Step 1) Enter transaction code “OX03” in the SAP command field and enter to continue.

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