An error occurred while setup was updating partition information on

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When I try to repair or install Windows, the partition is not recognized because there is no drive assigned.The drive appears as "unknown" and I get the following error: to quit, reboot and go to the command screen "recovery console" which requires and advices to setup with guidance and help of a Dell certified technician.I fixed the whole question for you: converted the the upper case screaming text to something readable, added relevant tags and removed the unneeded ones, improved the title and the formatting, removed parts that didn't provide actual details or that just reinstated something.

Recently I have encountered the error screen “Unmountable Boot Volume” that prevents me from booting my computer.I tried to contact Dell support to guide me with command prompts and repair the disk, and they provided me the some information which seems obsolete now.What steps do I need to take from here onwards to get this computer operational?This error message setup was unable to create a new system partition.Happens quite often when you install Windows system using a USB drive.

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