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Many alliances are multilateral networks involving members across several continents.

The Association of Commonwealth Universities is a longstanding alliance dating back to 1913.

However, from the late 1990s there has been an emergence of a growing number of alliances designed to achieve intended strategic goals.

Examples include Universitas 21; the Association of Pacific Rim Universities both created in 1997; the Worldwide Universities Network established in 2000; and the League of European Research Universities founded in 2002.

As young neo-Nazis have become a growing threat in the U.

K., a neo-Nazi group called National Action, which glorifies acts of violence and terrorism, was labeled a terrorist organization and banned for the first time last year.

Over the course of two decades, from the end of the Second World War to Rhodesia’s unilateral declaration of independence, the alliance with Great Britain lost its central role as the ultimate guarantor of national independence and colonial integrity for Portugal.

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How a nationalist, colonialist and authoritarian regime such as Salazar’s could hope to survive in the context of the EEC was not easy to see, but in any case General de Gaulle’s veto of British accession rendered this a purely academic question.

About 40 neo-Nazis were put under investigation by police in Britain amid fears that they are plotting terrorist attacks against Muslims around the country, the Sunday Times reported.

The neo-Nazi group reportedly operates in far-right hotspots where they are planning atrocities, predominantly in Yorkshire, Leeds, Dewsbury and Batley, police intelligence sources reported.

Portugal’s economic and military cooperation with Ian Smith’s illegal regime in Rhodesia, which Great Britain tried to put paid to by a variety of means, underscored the extent to which Salazar’s New State regime had drifted away from Portugal’s traditional relationship with its oldest ally.

What was true on the strategic plane did not necessarily apply, however, on the economic plane.

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